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Beth Garner
Music & Chorus

Pam Del Gatto

Sam Pollenz

The Woodland Music curriculum emphasizes the development of aesthetic sensitivity through the examination and experience of the performing arts. Listening skills, instrumental instruction, choral singing, and performance are all part of our rich and varied music program. A wide range of musical activities are provided to students during the year. Staff members utilize Orff instruments, movement activities, and Kodaly techniques to teach the students sight reading and performance skills.

Students in Third Grade can elect to participate in the Third Grade Chorus and the Third Grade String Program. There is a weekly lesson in the String Program and a weekly rehearsal in the Chorus. Beginning in Fourth Grade, students can elect to participate in the Chorus and either the String or Band Programs. There are weekly lessons in the String and Band Programs as well as two weekly rehearsals for both groups. Students in the Chorus also attend a weekly rehearsal. Students in the Band, Orchestra, and Chorus also perform in the winter and spring concerts each year.